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Azure Wetsuit System

Azure Wetsuit System

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Bag- Nylon reinforced PVC

Hanger- Polypropylene


51" X 20 1/4" X 2"

*Dimension may vary slightly

It is a bag for your wetsuit… but its unique benefits create a whole new System for your wet gear.  It organizes and protects your wetsuit and/or other wet gear.  It protects your vehicle from your wet or sandy gear.  It saves you time.  It ensures that your gear is ready for your next session, whether that’s in two hours from your last or two weeks away.

We know surfers and watermen have many different lifestyles, routines, commitments and rituals.  We believe the Wetsuit System can assist you no matter what type of surfer you are or what water sports you are passionate about.  We got you covered… Or at least your wet gear.


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A new age in wetsuit protection.

What do you do with your wetsuit? The Bin... or are you a rear view mirror guy? Back of the truck or back yard, this Wetsuit System can help you. Modern wetsuits are better than they have ever been. The new materials, technologies and cuts combine to make warm, flexible and comfortable wetsuits. All the benefits come at a cost… High quality wetsuits are now very expensive, and their materials even more delicate.

The creases that are created from a wadded up wetsuit damage the material and actually decrease the effectiveness of the wetsuit to keep you warm. The Azure Wetsuit System delicately hangs your wetsuit in the safest way to protect the materials. The surrounding bag protects your suit from damaging UV rays and random scuffs, all while protecting the interior of your vehicle from your saturated wetsuit. 


The only functional system for your wet gear.

Designed for the on the go life style... whether dawn patrolling before work or on a surf trip, store, dry, and organize your gear from the safety of a locked car. The entire Wetsuit System can be rinsed off and hung to dry, with the wetsuit inside. The System has been designed so the wetsuit, while hanging, can be pulled out from within the bag and hung outside the bag where it can accelerate the final drying process. Whether in a car, garage, back yard or balcony its the perfect way to dry, store, and protect your gear.  

For some surfers the bag may permanently stay in their vehicles. This is not the preferred treatment of your gear… but sometimes circumstances demand it. It will hang in its wet state in your vehicle overnight, slowly drying. Under normal Southern California circumstances moisture will only be left in the ankles and wrists, just enough to help slide the suit on.

Its a System for your gear. No more bins, soggy car floors or crumpled creased wetsuits. At Azure we design solutions.

water flow

Water channeling drain

Our studies found that the majority of water is pulled out of a soaked wetsuit by gravity during the first few hours of hanging. Our patented design allows the bottom of the bag to stick out of any door of your vehicle and act as a water exhaust. Water drains from the suit and drips out of the vehicle while the door is closed. The remainder of the moisture will require air flow to dry entirely. The mesh screen permits air flow and can be placed in front of a rolled down window for rapid drying.  

variability of use

Multi-purpose hanger

The design has built in options to accommodate a variety of situations and lifestyles. Often the logistics involved in accessing good waves limit where, when and how to store and dry a wetsuit… this is the solution. Whether at home or on a surf trip, The Azure Wetsuit System will have you wondering what you ever did without it.  

Leash String Chain

Leash strings... bad to be caught without one when you need it. Good to have some spares. It's an attachment method surfers are used to.

We tried a lot of hooks, snaps, clips, Velcro, twist ties, but they all had limits or hindrances in certain applications.

Tuna cord, seine twine, parachute cord, lashing, whipping, small stuff... no matter what you call it, line is the most versatile hanging method. Customizable, additional pieces can be cut to any length to wrap around anything. Hooks, bars, shower head, railing, rod, posts, beams, head rests, and yes... rear view mirrors if you must. Simply add or subtract leash strings as needed and custom cut longer pieces to wrap larger circumferences... leave a piece permanently attached where you store your System. The knot - Cow hitch, Girth hitch, Lark's head, Lark's foot, Ring hitch, Lanyard hitch, Bale Sling hitch, Deadeye hitch, Running eye, Bag Tag loop... or make your own knot. Attach it around anything. Quick attach, quick release. No drilling, mounting, glueing required


Water catch mode

We designed the water drain to double as a catch. When folded, the water will collect in the sealed bottom portion until it can be released in an appropriate place. We advise its best to let the water free flow out... but this added function is built in if you need it. (Be careful... you will be surprised by how much water a wetsuit can hold!)

  • UV Protection

    Don't let the damaging UV rays ruin your valuable goods. The thick-gauge PVC back will block harmful UV light from degrading the sensitive materials. The micro mesh front will provide shade while still allowing air flow for drying.

  • Material Preservation

    Designed as a 2-fold preservation product, the Wetsuit System will protect your wet gear from scrapes, snags and assorted damage while protecting its surroundings from getting wet. It properly folds and stores your wet goods and allows the water to drain out.

  • Versatile

    The hanger is built to fit a variety of equipment- Wetsuits, swim wear, foul weather clothing, wadders, swim fins, surf mats, life jackets, masks... if its wet and fits in the bag, you can hang it there. The bag is designed to hang nearly anywhere- car's interior handles and hooks, roof racks, head rests, garages, backyards, balconies, trees, campsites... anything you can loop it around. The possibilities are endless where you can utilize your wetsuit system. You can even hang it around your rear view mirror! For old times sake...


What is the Wetsuit System?

It's not a waterproof bag... but it is waterproof where it needs to be, and vented where it can be. It allows you to hang wet items in a protected space while still being ventilated. Water is allowed to drip out the drain even while closed in a locked vehicle door!

Where is it made?

Our products are designed and tested right here in the USA. Our hangers are molded in Oceanside, California and the products are assembled in San Diego, employing Americans.

How do I hang the Wetsuit System?

Leash String Chain... designed to be versatile and customizable to every lifestyle and situation.

Will my car smell?

Does your Bin smell? Does your piss smell? Do you pee in your wetsuit? How hydrated are you when you surf? All these things are factors and more. The reality is if you pee in your wetsuit a lot and never wash it... you might be able to smell it. If you rinse your wetsuit frequently and occasionally wash it, smell shouldn't be an issue. (Quick tip - don't eat asparagus during swells)

How to wash a Wetsuit System

Soap and fresh water. A sponge or rag.

Will the Wetsuit System help me surf better?

No. That parts up to you. People who rip can put a cold, wet, sandy wetsuit on and still surf just as good. But they will be more comfortable if their suit is less sandy and drier because they rinsed it and hung it in their Wetsuit System.

It will make your suit last longer... which means you won't have to buy a new one as soon, which means you can afford to work less and surf more, which will help you get better at surfing... So actually yeah, buy one and you'll rip.

What if the Zipper snags?

Metal zippers were not an option for this product... they corroded immediately when saturated with seawater. We have used the highest quality plastic zip available to inhibit corrosion issues.
Sometimes the zipper can catch its surrounding material, especially when the bag is first unfolded. Simply back the zipper up so its free and try again carefully. The bag's materials will straighten out after being unfolded and hung.

How long will it last?

Longer than your wetsuit... that's for sure. Throughout our long prototyping process for 5+ years we still have original samples being used daily... We have strived to build a durable product that will last for years and multiple wetsuits.

What is it made out of?

The hanger is fiberglass reinforced poly propylene. The bag is made of thick gauge nylon reinforced PVC, and nylon reinforced PVC screen. The materials are commonly used in Inflatable boats, paddle boards or water proof bags. The seams can be heat welded for a water tight seal and the material has been proven in many industries. Polypropylene is a tough rigid thermoplastic, that has been well proven for applications similar to our hanger.

We make our products out of the best possible materials. These materials are recyclable and will keep serving beyond the life of our products as they are remanufactured into others.