Azure was formed so we can share our functional equipment with the world. We experienced problems that no one was solving, so we created our own solutions.

We are not interested in copying or imitating... we are inventing and redefining.

Products designed with functionality in mind.

The products we design are original, unique and built with purpose.

Environmentally conscious designs.

At Azure we spend most of our time close to nature. Surfing, fishing, diving, sailing, hiking, skiing, camping... usually a mixture of all of them. That's where we get the inspiration for our designs so it's important that we all strive to protect our environment.

At Azure we design durable products that are built to last using recyclable materials. Our wetsuit bag is designed to preserve wetsuits and increase awareness in wetsuit care. If we can reduce the amount of new wetsuits being manufactured and sold then in turn the world will see less waste.

We will continue to lead by example and keep an emphasis on what's important to us - leaving the planet in a better place than when we found it.

  • You ever seen a car take a piss?

    Get used to it! Check out the patented drain on our new wetsuit system. Coming to a parking lot near you! (Its just water)

  • Sleek, organized, drying and storage...

    All from the safety of your locked vehicle!

Introducing our Wetsuit System

Versatile, functional, durable

  • *****

    "The wetsuit system allows me to dry my wetsuit and booties in between sessions without making a mess inside my car. I don't know how I ever lived without it." -Sean

  • *****

    "I use the wetsuit bag to dry mine and my kids wetsuits. It's easy to use and the little hooks for booties and gloves comes in handy when we head into colder climates." -Franz

  • *****

    My wife bought one for our kids water gear after swim lessons. She keeps is hanging in her SUV year around." -Justin